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Network operation

Date:2016-11-21 Author:

Operated and managed by CNIC, China Science and Technology Network (CSTNET) keeps on upgrading its infrastructure and providing a stable and safe operation for its users.

On the aspect of domestic inter-connection, CSTNET opened 1G channels from Shanghai to Nanjing in 2015, and actively explored new modes for backbone network construction and traffic scheduling. Node protection of Nanjing and Chengdu was achieved through the promotion of regional sub-center traffic protection with direct connection point mode. CSTNET opened 10 trans-provincial and metropolitan lines; opened 10G channels of IEP (GZNAP); opened inter-connection between IEP (SHNAP) and China Unicom, and significantly improved the experience of users in CSTNET South China and East China; opened 10G channels for the inter-connection between Nanjing/Chengdu direct connection points and CERNET, thus achieved nearby access between Nanjing/Chengdu users and CERNET; opened peer-to-peer link with Shaanxi Broadcast & TV Network; opened 20G connection with Tencent network, thus achieved direct connection; introduced CDN node, and achieved full and deep coverage of hot contents.

On the aspect of  international inter-connection, CSTNET, based on two high-speed network exchange nodes in Seattle and Chicago of North America, has achieved dual 10-Gigabit direct connections with Internet2 (the largest research academic network in North America) and ESnet in Chicago and Seattle. CSTNET has achieved peer-to-peer link with NORDUNet, AARnet, JGN-X, SURFNET, PNWGP, StarLight, Internet2 and ESnet, and other education and research networks among North America, Europe and Asia, thus providing a strong support for users to carry out international academic exchanges and cooperation.

In 2015, CSTNET continued to keep the network running on the highest telecom-level and maintained the Network Availability Percents up to 99.99% without any service break. CSTNET has uninterruptedly offered 7x24 network operation and maintenance service, timely response and handling fault and the more careful daily operation and maintenance in a whole year. +8610-5881-2000 hotline had 15,484 calls the annual total, the length of total calls was more than 667 hours, and the number of trouble ticket handling was 1,888.

In July 2015, CSTNET launched the new service of “CSTNET-Roam”. Through CSTNET-Roam, users can use the CSTNET passport to access to wireless network securely and conveniently, thus achieving wireless roaming in CSTNET user organizations including research institutes and universities in China, and academic institutions in more than 70 countries.