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CAS video conference system

Date:2016-11-21 Author:

CNIC is responsible for building and operating the video conference system of CAS.

In 2015, CAS video conference system supported a considerable number of video conferences such as the 2015 Summer Party Group Expansion Meeting, the 2015 CAS Working Meeting, "three-strict and three-honest" special lectures and mobilization deployment video conference hosted by CAS President Prof. BAI Chunli, CAS grass-roots party organization secretary thematic report video conference, featured institute certification video conference and 2015 budget implementation video conference. The desktop conferencing system has been spread and used across the entire CAS. It has set up 205 long-term conference rooms, and administered 739 accounts. Totally, 12,000 people used the system throughout the year.

Statistical contrast figure for the annual amount of video conferences