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Infrastructure Service of CAS Data Cloud

Date:2016-11-21 Author:

1. Cloud Storage Service

CNIC formally launched data storage backup service in June, 2010, and formally released the cloud storage service platform in September of the same year. By the end of 2015, the scale of cloud storage has extended to 8PB, and the cloud storage service has been provided for nearly 600 research teams from State Key Laboratory, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions.

2. Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing service provides reliable and rental IT infrastructure service. Users can use the online system to apply for various resources such as host, storage and network, and flexibly adjust the resource scale to satisfy their needs. Cloud computing service helps users reduce the cost of hardware purchase and maintenance and users can concentrate on the promotion of R&D innovation. 

By the end of 2015, Cloud computing service has incorporated public cloud and private cloud solutions with 300 physical servers and virtual machine 5000+ computing service capability. The public cloud service environment has provided basic computing resources for a considerable number of projects such as the 973 Project for the deployment and operation of social network data acquisition system of the CAS Institute of Automation, and the national comprehensive information service platform for rural areas of the Agricultural Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

3. Data Archive Service

The Data Cloud of CAS provides data archive service for various research institutions. By the end of 2015,the capacity of the data archive has extended to 38 PB  which realizing 20TB per day high speed data backup. The online disk array capacity has reached 2PB, and the near-line tape storage capacity has achieved 30PB.

4. Data Disaster Recovery Service

The "2 regions & 3 centers" data disaster recovery technical framework, service system and standard were preliminarily established in 2015 with a number of typical service projects such as disaster recovery service projects for Beijing Local Taxation and the e-government information resources sharing platform of the Municipal e-government Office of Dongguan City.

Disaster Recovery Network (the blue circle marks the five cities of Changchun, Beijing, Nanjing, Kunming and Guangzhou)

5. VDB Cloud

VDB Cloud integrates infrastructure and application software by cloud computing technology and provides researchers with convenient cloud-based database, data management and data publication services.

The online and local versions of VDB Cloud were released in 2015. By the end of 2015, VDB Cloud has supported the construction of more than 20 research group databases, 31 downloads for the local version and the creation of 102 online research groups.