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CAS Supercomputing Environment

Date:2016-11-21 Author:

CNIC started the earliest  scientific computing application and service in China in 1996.

In 2015, the supercomputer “Era”, the sixth generation computing system at the Supercomputing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has completed the optimization and improvement of the system, which improves the computing operation efficiency and stability. After the second stage of the “Era” system construction, a new voyage will start from a petascale power by providing more high-quality computing service which will benefit the large-scale and high performance computing users from the CAS to the whole society.

Era Supercomputing System

CNIC provides the following technical support service for users based on the scientific computing environment,  
• Providing computing services and rapid, professional technical support services for users based on massive computing resources aggregated from supercomputers, cluster, etc.
• Providing Restful web APIs for building scripts, web communities and mobile apps in high-performance computing, grid and cloud computing areas.
• Developing and customization for grid and cloud middleware, monitor softwares, web portals, etc.
• Integrating high-performance computing software, building and promoting the use of products.
• Overall solutions for grid computing and cloud computing.

In 2015, the “Era” system has served 368 accounts (active users) who have submitted 1356604 jobs. The computing fields include computational physics, computational chemistry, materials science, life science, drug design, geophysics, fluid dynamics, climate modeling, astronomy, agriculture, computer science, etc. By the end of 2015, the CAS Supercomputing Environment has served 498 external users, who have submitted 550,554 effective grid jobs and occupied 123,339,092 CPU hours in total.

Monthly Usage Rate of Era in 2015  

Discpline Distribution of Era Users in 2015 (from left to right: materials science, aeronautics and astronautics, chemistry, life science, mathematics, astronomy, physics, energy industry, earth science, information science, mechanics)

CNIC's scientific computing service team pays great attention to the feedback of users and established the user satisfaction survey since July, 2011. In 2015, the team sent the survey to 521 users and received 254 responses, achieving a user satisfaction rate of 99.61%.