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CAS Supercomputing Environment

Date:2016-11-21 Author:

Supercomputing Environment of CAS (ScGrid) is a 3-layer grid computing environment consisting of the headquarter, 9 sub-centers and 19 institute-level centers with its aggregate general-purpose computing capacity reaching 1.3PF. By the end of 2017, ScGrid has submitted more than 850,000 effective jobs, servicing a large number of scientists and engineers in various fields such as computational physics, computational chemistry, materials science and life science.

Era Supercomputing System

CNIC provides the following technical support service for users based on the scientific computing environment,  
? Providing computing services and rapid, professional technical support services for users based on massive computing resources aggregated from supercomputers, cluster, etc.
? Providing Restful web APIs for building scripts, web communities and mobile apps in high-performance computing, grid and cloud computing areas.
? Developing and customization for grid and cloud middleware, monitor softwares, web portals, etc.
? Integrating high-performance computing software, building and promoting the use of products.
? Overall solutions for grid computing and cloud computing.

Geographic Distribution of ScGrid