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China National Grid

Date:2016-11-25 Author:

CNIC is the operation management center and the main northern node of China National Grid (www.cngrid.org), which is the national-level supercomputing environment supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. By the end of 2017, the CN Grid has integrated 200PF computing resources, 167 PB storing resources, and a great number of software application resources from 19 supercomputing centers distributed all over the country. It has supported 15 supercomputing service platforms such as ATLAS Experiment Monte Carlo Simulation Platform, Industrial Product Design Community, New Medicine Discovery Community, Digital Media and Cultural Creation Community, OPUS Operation Supporting Platform, Computational Chemistry Service Community, GridMol molecule visualization software, Cold Environment Monitoring Research Cloud, Stem Cell and Biomedicine Cloud, Materials Science Integration Platform, Microgravity Effect Simulation Platform, Large-scale Parallel Hydrological Processing Platform, Combustion Dynamics Center of Sichuan University and Beijing Fingerprint Comparison Platform.

Geographic Distribution of China National Grid