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CAS Instrument and Equipment Sharing Management Platform

Date:2016-11-25 Author:

With the requirement and deployment of CAS Bureau of Facility Support and Budget, CNIC optimizes and provides support for CAS Instrument and Equipment Sharing Management Platform. A new generation of CAS Instrument and Equipment Sharing Management Platform has been started to be developed to adapt to the changing demands. A series of tasks were accomplished in 2015 such as the prototype design, architecture design, program development, system testing, data preparation, pilot work and preparations for deployment & implementation. The new system will be more comprehensive via the implementation of scientific analysis on appointment request, more convenient in user experiences via extra mobile APP and quick patch, more efficient in management via appointment template design and the integration of the ARP system, more flexible in business configuration via the configuration of appointment and experimental environment parameters, and easier in using smart card via new physical network design. By the end of 2015, the new system has been used by three institutes.

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