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National Internet of Things Name Service Platform

Date:2016-11-25 Author:


Originated from the Internet of things research and industrialization project approved by National Development and Reform Commission, the completed National Internet of Things Name Service Platform (NIOT) passed the final evaluation in March 2017. The root platform of NIOT covers the three sub-systems for name registration, name inquiry and name search, creating name service platforms for specific industries and developing advanced name service applications in various areas such as Industrial Internet, product tracing, smart agriculture and environment monitoring. Since its establishment, the platform has been operating smoothly and providing fundamental Internet of things name services. By the end of 2017, the number of total registered names and the total analysis amount have reached 19 billion and 4.2 billion respectively.

Concept Diagram of National Internet of Things Name Service Platform

Below are some services based on the national platform. 

1. IoT identification service

The national platform provides a series of public identification services such as encoding, distribution, registration, query and searching throughout the entire process of generating and using IoT names.

The new media service team of CNIC has been developing and promoting the use of multimedia applications for science outreach in various aspects such as video technology and product development, front-end display technology and O2O with some recent examples as follows.

2. Cloud-based IoT identification trusteeship service

Identification trusteeship service is provided to connected sub-platforms in supporting the provision of services such as name encoding, distribution, registration, query and searching. 

3. IoT solution for applications in industries

IoT solutions for applications in various industries are provided based on the national platform for all relevant industries especially for smart agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, product traceability, intelligent hardware, etc.; enhancing the interconnection among applications, the sharing of data and the creation of new business models.