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Message from the Director

Living in the Information Age and the emerging knowledge economy, the staff of the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is enthusiastic to use our wisdom and energy to construct and improve the cyberinfrastructure of the CAS and join relevant efforts in China.
As a pioneer in creating the internet in China, CNIC has witnessed and participated in the national internet development from infancy to adulthood. CNIC initiated and supported the earliest cyberinfrastructure for scientific research, and since then has dedicated to bringing the “buds of e-science” into full bloom. 
With the core missions of “constructing the cyberinfrastructure for scientific research and providing support services”, we are devoted to establishing an advanced cyberinfrastructure for research activities and contributing to the national capacity building for scientific innovations. Meanwhile, as one of the important stakeholders of the information society in China, CNIC aims to establish a first-class infrastructure for the national domain name system and spares no efforts to make our contributions to the internet development in China. 
Founded in 1995, CNIC has preliminarily built a secured and stable cyberinfrastructure tailored to suit the changing requirements of scientific innovations, which includes the distributed networked environment, the supercomputing environment, the platform for digital data resources, etc; and provided qualified services for the scientific community in China. CSTnet supports the e-science applications of CAS and dozens of national research organizations. The supercomputing group maintains a most capable supercomputer in China and also serves as the major node of the CNgrid in North China. The CAS Scientific Databases initiated by CNIC have accumulated interdisciplinary, featured and regularly-operated scientific data resources for scientists in China. The Virtual Lab, an ICT-enhanced innovative organizational pattern of conducting research activities was preliminarily established, providing supports for constructing collaborative research environments. CNIC also operates and provides technical support for the Academic Resource Planning (ARP) system of the CAS. The construction and operation of the national domain name system, which is the national “root and backbone of the network”, has become an indispensable building block of the internet society in China.
According to the vision and missions defined by the 11th Five Year Planning for Informatization of the CAS, CNIC is responsible for making and implementing the blueprint of building the CAS into a digitalized science academy. With “optimizing three environments, constructing five platforms and improving three systems” as its core missions, CNIC spares no efforts to build the internet, supercomputing and data application environments; to provide powerful support for the five networked platforms of scientific research, operation and management, education and training, information release, and science communication; to develop human resources, ideas, technologies and a professional team to establish effective systems for information security, well-accepted standards and specifications, and qualified technical supports. Challenges and opportunities sometimes go hand in hand. Looking into the future, we believe diligence and teamwork pave our way towards success. We will further improve our understandings, integrate resources at hand, build mechanisms for innovations, and solve real-world problems; which as a whole might help draft the new chapter for the CAS cyberinfrastructure construction and technical supports. 
Let’s move together to achieve the long-term goal of constructing the first-class cyberinfrastructure. With numbers experienced experts and promising young professionals, CNIC has a culture deeply rooted in the tradition of being “diligent, truthful, cooperative, creative, devoted to duties”; and sticks to providing qualified services for the CAS and joining the collective efforts for innovations. Supported by the country, the CAS and relevant communities; we believe we can fulfill the responsibilities to promote e-science activities, construct a first-class cyberinfrastructure for scientific research, provide most qualified technical supports and contribute to relevant national endeavors. 
Aiming to build the first-class e-science facilities and provide most qualified services, we will keep going like an enthusiastic mountain climber filled with hope and courage, and share our joys and experiences with you. We will feel highly honored if our services are helpful to your research or management activities, and wish you every success in the future. As a loyal companion, we will always stand beside you! 


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