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2014 International Training Workshop for Developing Countries on Big Data for Science

Date:2010-10-26 Author:

The International Training Workshop for Developing Countries on Big Data for Science was held at Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) from 4th June to 20th June, 2014. There were 21 researchers, data managers, and data scientists from 10 developing countries including Vietnam, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenyan, Tanzania, Columbia, Brazil and Uganda attended the workshop.

The workshop includes the following four phases:

Phase I: Warming up and academic Lectures

On the first day of Training Workshop, Dr. Simon Hodson, Executive Director of CODATA International, gave a lecture on Global Collaboration in Data Science. This presentation provides an introduction and overview to CODATA’s current activities and strategies. All the participants gave a short presentation on their research and introduce the data challenges and development of science and technology of their countries. 

From 6th to 10th June, Prof. Paul Uhlir, J.D, Director of the Board on Research Data and Information, Dr. Robert S.Chen, Former Secretary General of CODATA, Dr. John Rumble, Former CODATA President gave the lectures on the values for openness regarding Earth observations data, introduce GEO and its Data Sharing Working Group, providing an overview of CIESIN’s past and current data development approaches, and describe different approaches to building communities of stakeholders.

All the participants attended the Workshop on Big Data for International Scientific Programmes: Challenges and Opportunities on 8-9 June.

Phase II: Infrastructure, Technology and Tools

In this part, professors and experts from institutes of CAS and Peking University gave lectures including the overview of paradigm, methods, technology and tools, the choice of a database architecture: Sql, NoSql and NewSql, use GNU/Linux cluster for data storage and processing, definition of software-defined data center, infrastructure management and maintenance, basic data mining algorithms and big data mining techniques, and data visualization and visual analytics.

Phase III: Best Practice and Case Study in Different Disciplinary 

In this part, professors from institutes of CAS introduce the case study in their field, including new generation spatial data infrastructure (NGSDI) for global change study, Chinese Virtual Herbarium in Biodiversity Informatics, global cooperation on microbial big data, activities and achievements from CAS astronomical observatories on data sharing and e-Science and prospects for VO in China, Cloud-based Geospatial Data analysis and services, DarwinTree, new computing technologies used in high energy physics research and data re-use and publishing for sciences and sustainability in developing countries.

Phase IV: Hands-on and Closing Ceremony

All the participants gave presentations, also shared their experience and interest from the Training Workshop.