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2016 International Conference on Theoretical and High Performance Computational Chemistry

Date:2010-10-15 Author:

The International Conference on Theoretical and High Performance Computational Chemistry 2016 (ICT-HPCC16), organized by the Virtual Laboratory for Computational Chemistry (VLCC), Center of Scientific Computing Applications & Research (COSCAR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was held in Chongqing on October 15 - 17, 2016. About one hundred thirty computational chemists and scholars coming from six countries and regions including United States, Germany, Norway, Australia, Italy, Chinese Mainland and Taiwan attended it.

Professor Daniel Crawford (Virginia Tech, USA), editor of the Journal of Physical Chemistry, a prestigious academic journal in computational chemistry served as the conference chair of ICT-HPCC16. Professor Ke-Li Han from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, director of VLCC hosted the opening ceremony. At first, Prof. Daniel Crawford gave a welcome speech and mentioned that ICT-HPCC16 provided a very good opportunity for every participant to talk about their latest research. Then Professor Fangyu Liao (director general of CNIC) gave his warm welcome remarks and wished the conference a complete success. Professor Ming Li (vice director of Southwest University) introduced the history of Southwest University and the local area. Professor Zhong Jin introduced the history, achievements of VLCC and the program of ICT-HPCC16.

Forty one talks, with topics focusing on recent advances in quantum chemistry, molecule dynamics, material computation as well as related high performance computing software, were presented in ICT-HPCC16. A poster session was held in the late afternoon of October 16. Several prizes for excellent posters and best-designed posters were awarded to selected presenters.

ICT-HPCC16, the tenth of a series of conferences, is a milestone in the development of VLCC which was founded in 2004 and is now twelve-year old. The conference brought together researchers from all over the world and effectively improved the communication between the Chinese and international computational chemistry communities. To date, ICT-HPCC has established its own features and style, and has become well known among international and Chinese computational chemistry research communities.

(For more details: http://ict-hpcc16.vlcc.cn/)