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2017 Chinese-American Networking Symposium

Date:2017-10-26 Author:

CNIC has been organizing the Chinese-American Networking Symposium with CERNET and Internet2 since 1999. For nearly two decades, this symposium made a great deal of contributions to Sino-U.S. communication and collaboration on networking technologies and research applications. This annual event has brought together leading networking experts from both countries to share technical knowledge, useful information, best practices and creative ideas for managing advanced international networks and building effective bilateral partnerships.

Hosted by CNIC and co-hosted by Duke Kunshan University, the eighteenth Chinese-American Networking Symposium (CANS2017) was held at Duke Kunshan University on October 24-26, 2017. About eighty networking experts, scientists and educators from China, United States and United Kingdom attended the symposium and shared their experiences and practices on the networking technology and its applications in research and education. With a greater emphasis on global IT and close collaboration with the research and education community, the symposium facilitated in-depth discussions on various topics such as advanced networking technology, trusted and IAM frameworks for collaboration, global science collaboration and transnational education.

Group photo of CANS2017