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2019 OpenACC GPU Applicaton Hackathon China

Date:2019-04-19 Author:

The OpenACC GPU Applicaton Hackathon China 2019 was hosted by the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and NVIDIA in Beijing on April 15-19. The 5-day Hackathon jumpstarted acceleration or optimization of potentially scalable application codes on GPUs with OpenACC and other tools. Seven teams of developers joined this 5-day hands-on training with intensive mentoring by 14 experienced mentors from research institutes, universities and vendors in China, U.S. and India. The mentors have extensive experience in programming GPUs, including high-level experts who have participated in the development of GPU-capable compilers. Participating teams worked with their mentors to develop applications running on GPUs, or at least a clear roadmap of how to make the improvement.

For details, please contact Ms. Huang He (hhuang@cnic.cn) and visit the event website: http://hackathon19.vlcc.cn/.