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Int'l MoUs

MoU with Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (Jülich)

Date:2010-10-27 Author:

In 2011, CNIC and Jülich reached the agreement and signed Memorandum of Understanding on CNIC-Jülich strategic cooperation, in which the two sides decided to start the collaboration via six aspects below.

1. Joint educational, cultural, and research activities;
2. Exchange of personnel for research, lectures, and discussions;
3. Exchange of advanced graduate and professional students for collaborative or independent research;
4. Joint work to enable the three-party cooperation on e-Science among CNIC-CAS, Jülich and NCSA-UIUC, participation in seminars and academic meetings, including an annual workshop on e-Science to be hosted in alternate years by each institution;
5. Exchange of academic materials, publications, and other information;
6. Special short-term academic programs.