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Int'l MoUs

MoU with Nile Center Technology Research (NCTR)

Date:2010-10-27 Author:

In 2013, CNIC and NCTR reached the agreement and signed Memorandum of Understanding on CNIC-NCTR strategic cooperation, in which the two sides decided to start the collaboration via three aspects below.

1. to promote and train technicians of the Sudan Grid Supercomputer (SGS) in administration of SGS facilities and the use of system software (O.S., tools) developed by the Supercomputing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SCCAS)
2. to facilitate and train researchers at NCTR for conducting research, by sharing the expertise and research facilities of SCCAS (application software) with SGS;
3. to train SGS technicians in administrating Cloud Computing technology in order to make all SGS facilities available for use by researchers in African countries.