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Int'l Projects

Design, Test and Build for ITER's International High Speed Dedicated Platform and Network

Date:2016-12-09 Author:


ITER Plan co-built by Europe, Japan, USA, Russia, China, Korea, and India seven parties is expected to be completed by 2018 in France. All components are provided by seven parties, ITER International Organization ( IO for brief) is the unity of command who sends out stock package contracts to seven parties and makes them share work and cooperate with each other. So it's necessary to have an international dedicated high-speed data network of ITER to support environment-sharing between different locations to accomplish project-designing, development, contract-making, schedule management, quality assurance, budget control, file system management, video conference system and shared data center.

As a great scientific project with international multilateral cooperation, remote operating on common tools, like video conference, screen sharing, and instant message sending etc., and sharing of configurations, data&software are critical to implement running design, management, experiment task of remote real-time virtual site, so the international high-speed dedicated  data network is very necessary and urgent. 

IO gives out detailed specifications about dedicated network's performance, standard, application software, work interface, and safety protection etc., a lot of technologies have never been used in our nation which we do not have guarantee for implementation. For example, remote sharing of design platform and real-time data synchronizing system still have technical bottle-necks and network imcompatible problems.

The task of the project is researching the concerned technologies of test and connection to finally confirm the running of dedicated applications, the implement of remote real-time synchronizing, and the accuracy and safety of mass data exchange, and bring out final implement solution to ensure the whole process of construction.

At the same time, test work is based on existing resources and platforms as much as possible, most components of dedicated test platform will be used in final system, and special dedicated test devices are rented to reduce midway expense during test and research periods, make the framework built in test phase can be applied in the future system.

The target of the project is proving the feasibility of the network architecture by designing and testing ways, building up effective, convenient, stable communication between ITER party countries and the international organization, co-designing and managing the international high-speed dedicated data network platform, and providing great extensible IT platform on data access, security, storage etc. aspects for the experiment and construction phases of ITER scientific research. In China, there are three backbone nodes: Beijing, Hefei and Chengdu, and the selection, training and deployment implementation work of dedicated engineer software (ENOVIA, CATIA), database software, project management software, quality control software, budget management software, virtual laboratory software.

The research solution based on IO's standards and requirements on all concerned units' network platforms and application platforms, will accomplish the design, test and construction work for network topology, reliability, security, network speedup, storage, video etc. functions; prove the feasibility of IO application and application environment construction architecture, build up the application platform which is necessary for ITER project with all necessary functions, including engineer design, project management, schedule process control, budget management, file management etc.