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Int'l Organization Membership

Founding Member of Pacific Rim Applications and GRID Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA)

Date:2016-12-08 Author:

Founded in 2002, Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) is a community of practice comprising individuals and institutions from around the Pacific Rim that actively collaborate with, and enable, small- to medium-sized groups to solve their problems with information technology. Key to PRAGMA’s success is the active involvement of participants in scientific expeditions, technology development, student engagement, and outreach to new communities. PRAGMA forges collaborative, multidisciplinary teams to address scientific questions of high societal impact. These questions define and drive PRAGMA's technology development efforts. The three current expeditions include: understanding adaption in extreme environments; predicting impact of eutrophication on lake ecosystem services; and addressing infectious disease through computer aided drug discovery. CNIC is the founding member of PRAGMA and has been served as a key participant since its inception.

Relevant link: http://www.pragma-grid.net