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Xiao Yun
Professor-level Senior Engineer
Vice Chief Engineer
  • Resume:
  • 2016-present: Director of Department of New Media Technology and Application Development, Computer Network Information Center (CNIC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
    2007-2016: Director of Internet-based Science Communication Center, CNIC, CAS
    2005-2010: Assistant Director, CNIC, CAS
    2004-present: Professor-level senior engineer, CNIC, CAS
    2000-2007: Secretary-General, Chinese National Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA)
    1999-2007: Director, Scientific Database Center, CNIC, CAS
    1999-2004: Associate Professor, CNIC, CAS
    1993-1999: Engineer, CNIC, CAS
    1990-1993: Assistant Engineer, CNIC, CAS
  • Research Direction:
  • ICT-enhanced science communication, new media technologies for science communication 
  • Projects Undertook:
  • 2001-2005: Virtual Science Museums of China (winner of the 2005 World Summit Award in the e-science category), CAS
    2001: Digital Science Museums, National Natural Science Foundation of China
    2002-2005: Scientific Data Grid, National High Technology Research and Development Program 863, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
    2001-2005: Database of Comprehensive Science and Technology Information, CAS
    2001-2005: Specification and Standardization of Scientific Data, CAS
    2001-2005: Systematic Platform of Scientific Database, CAS
    2006-2007: Sub-Project of Specification and Standardization building, MOST
    2006-2008: Sub-Project of Interactive Exhibits, China Digital Science and Technology Museum, MOST
    2008-2009: Specialized Project of Science Motion Pictures, Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology
    2005-2010: Internet-based Science Communication Platform (the part of science outreach), CAS
    2010-2011: National Science Resource Sharing and Platform Development, China Association for Science and Technology
    2012-2015: Extended Project of the Internet-based Science Communication Platform (the part of science outreach), CAS
    2012-2015: Construction of the Cloud-based Mobile Information Platform and Typical Applications
    2015: Integrated Science Outreach Research Creation on Mobile Terminals, ICT-enhanced Science Outreach Construction Project of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
    2016-2017: Integrated Resource Creation and Dissemination on Key Science Outreach Topics & National Pilot Project for ICT-enhanced Science Outreach Construction, ICT-enhanced Science Outreach Construction Project of CAST
    2015-2016: Curricula Development for CAS Continued Education, CAS
    2015-2017: Encyclopedia of China: Production of 3D Motion Pictures for Interpreting Scientific Principles, Encyclopedia of China Publishing House 
    2016-2017: Curricula Development for Lifelong Learning of Beijing Citizens: curricula for professional development & Curricula Development for Lifelong Learning of Beijing Citizens: curricula for humanities and natural sciences
  • Social Service:
  • Deputy Secretary General, Beijing Science Outreach Resource Alliance
    Council Member, Beijing Digital Science Outreach Association
    Executive Council Member, China Association of Children’s Science Instructors
    Vice Chairman, Research Center of Teenager Innovative Thinking Education of the Chinese Society of Education
  • Publication:
  • Overview on User Interest Modeling based on the browsing behavior of users, Computer Application Research, 2016.33 (S1):1-3
    Innovation and Influence of the pattern for communicating science to the public at the Mobile Age, Science Popularization Research, 2013.8(3):25-30
    Concept and Technical Architecture of Science Outreach Resource Grid, proceedings of the 18th National Science Outreach Theory Symposium, 2012: 206-211
    Ubiquitous and Integrated Cloud-based Science Communication Service, Science and Art: Science and Culture Communication at the Digital Age: proceedings of 2012 Science and Art Symposium, 2012:126-130
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    Virtual Science Museums of China: A Successful Practice of Internet-based Science Communication, Beijing PCST Working Symposium, 2005
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    CODATA-China Scientific Databases of Physics and Chemistry, 18th CODATA International Conference in Canada, 2002
    Virtual Science Museums of China, the 5th Paper Collection on Scientific Database and Information Technology, China Science and Technology Publishing House, 2000
    Current Status and Perspective of China’s Internet-based Science Outreach, outstanding conference paper of Beijing International Forum for Science Outreach, 2000
    Construction of Scientific Database, 17th CODATA International Conference in Italy, 2000
    Scientific Database and its Information System, 1st Sino-U.S. CODATA Conference, 2000