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CSTNET set up 10G direct connections with ESNET

Date:2015-10-30 Author:

In October, China Science& Technology Net (CSTNET) set up 10G direct connections with ESNET by the two international high-speed switching nodes which were set up in PacificWave and StarLight in Seattle and Chicago last year. 

Created in the middle of 1980s, ESNET is a high-speed research network funded by the Office of Science in U.S. Department of energy, which is managed and operated by Berkeley Laurence National Laboratory. ESNET built a high speed network between all the laboratories and Universities which were supported by the Department of Energy, and connected with more than 100 other networks. In this way, scientists can get rid of the time and geographical limitations and effectively use the equipment and computing resources in DOE to carry out their research. 

The 10G direct connection between CSTNET and ESNET will directly enhance the transmission performance and reliability of the large-scale scientific data in China and U.S., directly promote the cooperation on high energy physics, aerospace, genetic research areas, providing a broad prospect on future development of multidisciplinary cooperation between China and U.S. 

In the future, CSTNET will expand more high-speed connections with other R&E networks based on the current exchange point at Starlight and PacificWave. We will improve the quality of network service, and strive to build a large international data transmission and processing platform to support large-scale scientific collaboration. 

For details, please contact:
Ms. Jiangning Chen, cjn@cstnet.cn