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CNIC Participated in National Science Popularization Day Activities in Beijing

Date:2016-09-21 Author:

2016 National Science Popularization Day Beijing show opened at Beijing Olympic Park on September 18. With a team led by CNIC’s Deputy Director General Han Hua, the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) participated in the show with ICT-enhanced exhibits to promote public understanding and appreciation of science. Xu Yanhao, Executive Secretary of China Association for Science and Technology, Sui Zhenjiang, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government, Zhao Yan, Deputy Director General of CAS Bureau of Science Communication and other decision-makers visited the show and interacted with the CNIC team.

CNIC initiated Virtual Science Museums of China (VSM:http://www.kepu.net.cn) in 1999 and has been sparing no effort to promote online and offline science outreach activities with support from relevant administrative agencies and CAS research institutions. In this year’s show, the VSM team designed an exhibition hall with the theme of colorful and fascinating science which has already attracted nearly 1000 audience and will last until September 23, 2016. The exhibition incorporates accessible and visually attractive multimedia contents such as texts, graphics, videos, virtual reality exhibit and HTML5 science show in a diversity of scientific fields.
During the on-site visit, the audience was engaged in a variety of activities such as watching the graphic wall with most popular science stories of highest hits, using the touch control integrative machine to browse interactive science videos and SELF lectures (Science, Education, Life, Future:
http://www.self.org.cn/), having conversions with invited creators of excellent science outreach contents, and participating in the DIY activity to create mobile science show and HTML5 science contents.

For details, please contact Ms. Chen Yu (cy@cnic.cn).