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2016 Training Seminar on New Media Technology held in Beijing

Date:2016-12-07 Author:

2016 Training Seminar on New Media Technology, namely the Training Seminar of CAS Federation of Network-based Science Outreach, was held in Beijing on December 4-6. Organized by the Department of New Media Technology and Application Development of CNIC, this activity attracted more than 150 participants from over 100 organizations across the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). 

The participants exchanged ideas on various topics such as the use of ICT for science communication, current status and development trends of new media technologies and content development based on first-hand resources from research teams. More than ten organizations received their awards for the 2nd Short Science Video Contest. The Education Forum of VSMC Demonstration Base (VSMC refers to Virtual Science Museums of China, http://www.kepu.net.cn) was also held to promote discussions on the use of science outreach resources for educational purposes. 

2016 annual meeting and training seminar of CAS Federation of Network-based Science Outreach, Dec. 4-6 2016

The 4th Executive Committee (EC) Meeting of CAS Federation of Network-based Science Outreach was held concurrently. Moderated by EC Director Prof. Han Hua, EC members had in-depth discussions and made valuable suggestions about the development trend of network-based science outreach and future work plans of the federation. 

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