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CNIC student participates in the Week of International Scientific Young Talents in Paris

Date:2017-02-20 Author:

Invited by the Science and Technology Department of French Embassy in Beijing and and French National Universcience scientific institutions, Li Shuo, graduate student from Prof. Haiwu He’s "100-Talents Program" team, High Performance Department of Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC), participated in the Week of International Scientific Young Talents in Paris from 29th Jan. to 3rd Feb. 2017, which is a week-long event including idea exchange, discussion and interaction on both theoretical and practical aspects of science in 41 disciplines among young talents from 26 countries and regions.

The event was mainly composed of three parts. The first part was held in Universcience's Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, with an opening remark delivered by the Universcience CEO and Chairman Bruno Maquart. The staff of the organization presented and demonstrated their ideas and practices of scientific research and  science communication. All participants were invited to a formal dinner hosted by Mr. Thierry Mandon, Secretary General of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
The second part was a visit to L'Oréal Group R & D Center. The participants had discussions on science and society, science and women and other topics, visited the L'Oreal Group R & D laboratory and learn about the important role of science with concrete examples like how the L'Oreal Group use machine learning and supercomputer to develop new cosmetics.
The third part provided the 41 young talents with the opportunity to present and discuss about their ideas. In the Universcience of the Palais de la découverte, every participant showd and explained their own research field in three minutes. Li Shuo from CNIC used an easy and explicit way to explain the block-chain, which is the main research direction of Haiwu He's research team. The conference also invited officers from French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the director of the French Ministry of Culture and Communications. At the end, the Universcience Group's high development consultant Dr. Joël de Rosnay gave a closing speech entitled To want and to build the future thanks to science and technology.
It was the first time that graduate student of CNIC participates in the well-known international event of Week of International Scientific Young Talents in Paris. This kind of participation and interaction will help graduate students develop skills in science communication and international cooperation. 
For details, please contact Prof. Haiwu He (haiwu.he@cnic.cn).