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Discovering the Beauty of Science

Date:2018-09-03 Author:

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) recently hosted an image competition to foster youth’s innovation consciousness and inspire their enthusiasm for scientific research.
The young CAS scientists captured the amazing images with keen perspectives and fertile imaginations and demonstrated the unique charm of scientific research. Phoenix nirvana, submitted by Tian Dong from the Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, received the Grand Prize of the "Discover the beauty of science" image contest. Let’s take a closer look at this image.

The work shows the longitudinal section of a black hole accretion disk. The center of the disk is the black hole. The lines in the picture represent the flow field around the black hole, while different colors indicate different speeds at the current point- red is fast and blue is slow. The picture clearly shows the running state of matter on the disk. The image has some similarities to the tail of the phoenix. Large amounts of matter are fed to the black hole while a lot of X-rays are emitted from its two poles, which is a metaphor of matter rebirth. It tells us that the mysterious and vast space is constantly undergoing extinction and rebirth, and that as part of the universe, our science researchers and all humanity must be brave enough to challenge and fulfill ourselves, like the nirvana.

Experimental method: Display the distribution of energy and force fields interacting on the longitudinal section of the black hole accretion disk by means of a heat map and streamlining; the main technique was rendering an unsteady flow field on an irregular space grid.
Visual designing tool: GPVis scientific visualization software

Source: No. 142, CAS Newsletter, read the full article: http://newsletter.cas.cn/newsletter_142th/read_all_articles.html