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Other Reports

CAS Informatization Assessment Report & Informatization Development Report  

Under the authorization and guidance of Leadership Group for CAS Informatizaion Work, CNIC has organized and implemented twice informatization level assessment within CAS since 2008, with the attendance of many experts both inside and outside the academic as well as technical backbone from research and service divisions of CNIC. Up till now, two CAS Informatization Assessment Reports and CAS Informatization Development Reports.


Through the constant advance of informatization assessment work of CAS, all informatization construction of all units tends to be balanced and the overall level for informatization has been obviously improved. At present, informatization assessment work has become an important basis for relevant leaders of CAS to completely master the current conditions of CAS informatization, played an essential role for the promotion of CAS informatization work and provided an important reference for the formulation of CAS “12th Five-year Plan” informatization planning.




Statistical Reports on the Internet Development in China    
The information concerning scale and structure of net citizens, basic resources of internet, online conditions and web applications in China is of great significance to the State and enterprises to master the development trend and make decisions. In 1997, studied and decided by the competent authorities of China, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), in combination with four internet network units, carried out this statistical work and published the first Statistical Report on Internet Development in China in November of the same year. In order to make such work become normalized and institutionalized, CNNIC has issued Statistical Report on Internet Development in China in January and July each year since 1998. Since the publication of statistical reports, they have been paid much attention from all aspects and been widely quoted both at home and abroad.  
This work has won the great support from national competent authorities like Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Meanwhile, internet units, investigation support websites as well as media, etc. have also offered support and cooperation to such investigation conducted by CNNIC so to guarantee the successful investigation work. Hereby, we extend our sincere gratitude for their support.  
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