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e-Science Technology and Application

Date:2016-11-11 Author:

e-Science Technology & Application is a bimonthly journal published by CNIC in collaboration with Science Press. The purpose of this journal is to report and disseminate innovative technologies and applications in the field of e-Science. Topics include but are not limited to overview of e-Science technologies and applications, data science, data management and digital repositories, tools, technologies and cyber-infrastructures, cloud computing in e-Science, high-performance computing, operation and maintenance of e-Science infrastructure, education and e-Science practice, applications of e-Science technology in various fields of natural and social sciences, impact of e-Science on society, science and culture, etc.

In 2017, the journal published 6 issues on various topics such as quantitative characterization and ecological effects of human activities and National Specimen Resource Sharing Platform and its application. By the end of 2017, the journal has been included in various journal databases such as China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database, China Core Journal Alternative Database and Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database.

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Science Press
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Volume 8, No.6 of e-Science Technology & Application