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Internet-based Science Communication Center
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Virtual Science Museums of China
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The Virtual Science Museums of China provides products of science education and public outreach for the general public with the children and teenagers as core users. Sponsored as a sub-project under the CAS Informatization Project and thanks to the additional financial support from the NSFC, CAS and MOST, the site has built a cyber platform enhanced by the high-speed network and advanced technologies and 74 online museums (Chinese edition, English edition or bilingual ones calculated together) in the past decade. A broad network was also built with over 80 organizations such as the National Astronomical Observatory, Xihuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, the Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, China Science and Technology Museum, the Sesame Workshop, the Texas A&M University, etc. The site has also developed hands-on virtual engagement environment for the users, real-time interactive cyber system for remote observing giant pandas in the Wolong Nature Reserve, categorical science lectures by CAS scientists (live broadcasting and archived), 2D or 3D motion pictures to illustrate scientific concepts and process and inquiry-based science games. The site is now drafting the plan for developing the CAS resources of network-based science popularization, as well as for building a cyber environment to share the resources and provide relevant service. 

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