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Supercomputing Hardware
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The main computing power in the Supercomputing Center providing services to the public from April 2009 is Lenovo DeepComp 7000, which is one of the highest performance computers in China. The DeepComp 7000 was ranked 31 on the TOP500 list of supercomputers of the world in June 2009. 
There are several main technical parameters of supercomputer Lenovo DeepComp7000 as follows: 
  • Cluster structure, peak value 146Tflops
  • Using 64-bit CPU and Blade Server nodes
  • 2 ccNUMA fat nodes for memory-shared parallel application software.
  • Total memory capacity 66TB, Bare disk array capacity 354TB
  • MPI communication bandwidth 2GB/s, delay≤3μs
  • Sustained aggregated bandwidth50GB/s
  • Uncompressed capacity of tape library 1PB, aggregated bandwidth 800MB/s 
In addition, there are also SGI Onyx 350, and IBM Cell BE ( the first IBM Cell blade server clusters in china), and a ADIC Scalar i2000 tape library system. 

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