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China Scientific Data

Date: Jan 16, 2020

Sponsored by CNIC and supported by the Chinese National Committee of the Committee on Data for Science and Technology, China Scientific Data is a bilingual open-access journal publishing data papers of multi-disciplinary fields in English and Chinese.

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The journal is dedicated to promoting the sharing and citation of scientific data, and to making them findable, accessible, intelligible and reusable. China Scientific Data accepts manuscripts describing datasets or data products generated from major scientific activities, derived datasets or data products refined from raw data, datasets pertaining to published articles, etc. The journal has been selected as a source journal of the Chinese Science Citation Database.

China Scientific Data has published more than 230 data papers and special issues on various topics such as Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (2017), Snow, Ice and Environment over Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (2017), Biodiversity in China (2017,2018), Historical Geographic Data of the Silk Road (2017), China Agricultural Data (2018), China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (2018), Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research (2018), Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia (2018), Carbon-nitrogen-water Fluxes and Auxiliary Parameters of China's Ecosystems (2019) and Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan (2019).

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