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Artificial Intelligence

Date: Jun 09, 2021
The team have constructed various web-based platform portals and communities with accessible services empowered by AI and other new technologies. 
1. Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform
Artificial Intelligence Computing and Data Platform (AICDP) provides massive computing capability for large-scale deep learning training and big data processing. Base on the massive computing resources encapsulated by virtual machines and containers, the platform provides one-stop services for AI computing jobs, been widely used in various research fields such as meteorology, biology, energy, finance and health.
Availability: ai.sccas.cn/#/ 
2. Data Service Platform of AI
To address the challenges posed by the limited capacities of data collection, data model online running and computing resources, the platform aligns data, algorithm and computing power to provide data services such as data upload and sharing, model online operation, historical task query and API release.
Platform architecture
Availability: data.aicnic.cn
3. Reinforcement Learning Cloud-based Study Platform
The RL cloud-based study platform supports most robot physics engines, simulated environments, frameworks and algorithms; dedicated to rapid knowledge sharing, reinforcement learning algorithm development and ecological environment construction for the RL agents. 
Availability: rl.aicnic.cn/#/
4. MatCloud 
MatCloud provides a high-throughput computational materials infrastructure for the integrated management of materials simulation, data and computing resources. Developed under the Chinese Material Genome Initiative, the users are empowered to simply use a Web browser to set up jobs, submit jobs and manage data. MatCloud has been used to support materials development in various aspects such as high-throughput screening and construction of property simulation database.
Availability: matcloud.cnic.cn
5. Scientific Software Open Source Community
The open-source community breaks the traditional boundaries of knowledge sharing, and empowers more researchers to participate in open source projects and contribute to the development of software for scientific research. 
Availability: cstsai.cstcloud.cn/#/
6. Scientific Software Aggregation Platform
The platform supports easy access and search of research software by integrating commercial software, self-developed software and open-source software.
7. CSThub: Code Repository Hosting and Collaboration Platform
The platform supports project code repository hosting and team collaboration as necessary components of software system development and open source ecosystem, supporting the project code version management across a wide range of sizes. 
Availability: cstos.cstcloud.cn/#/
8. CAS Software Evaluation Expert System
The software evaluation system aims to construct a software evaluation model to support the selection of personalized application tools and demonstration software, used by various web-based platforms or communities such as Scientific Software Aggregation Platform and Scientific Software Open Source Community.
Availability: cseep.cn/#/