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Date: Jun 09, 2021
To address the challenge of data analysis in the big science era, the team develop and use visualization, visual analysis technology and advanced human-computer interaction technology to accelerate scientific discoveries. Research priorities include visualization & visual analytics, virtual reality & augmented reality, and mobile application.
1. Visualization & Visual Analytics
To provide better visualization solutions for scientific research, the team work on a series of bottleneck problems in the visualization process such as storage method, calculation efficiency, information expression and interactive modes by combining exascale computers, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, virtual reality and other advanced technologies.
Scientific Visualization

Visual Analytics
2. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
The team conduct research on virtual reality, augmented reality, somatosensory control, digital earth and other related directions to provide one-stop virtual reality solutions and software tools for various industries based on the advanced hardware equipment combined with human-computer interaction, graphics and image technology.
3. Mobile application
The team conduct research on mobile application development, mobile cloud adaptation and other technologies to provide tailor-based mobile application services with mobile Internet and intelligent terminal as good instruments.