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Brief Introduction

Date: Dec 30, 2019

As an informatization research institution of the CAS, the Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC, CAS) was authorized by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council to provide graduate programs which allow students to access cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure of the CAS and work with CNIC researchers and its collaborative network across multiple R&D fields.
The PhD program of computer science and technology is concentrated on the three directions of computer architecture, computer software and theory, and computer application technology. CNIC also offers two types of Master's degrees on cybersecurity and electronics information. CNIC has 61 graduate advisors and 219 graduate candidates at the end of 2019, and has trained more than 250 PhD and master's graduates in the past five years.
The training courses are concentrated on various fields such as computer network, parallel computing, database, distributed processing system, artificial intelligence, computer information management system, and computer decision support system. Students with academic backgrounds on computer, communications, electronics, mathematics and other related disciplines are eligible to apply for the graduate programs. In addition, as a CAS institution qualified for training interdisciplinary informatization professionals, CNIC also welcome students with various research backgrounds such as biology, geoscience, physics, chemistry, mechanics, atmosphere, computing materials, nuclear physics and remote sensing.
In 2020, CNIC plans to accept 68 newly admitted graduate students, including 54 master candidates and 14 PhD candidates.

group photo of 2019 graduates