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Academic Degree Evaluation Committee

Date: Dec 30, 2019

The Academic Degree Evaluation Committee is CNIC's advisory body for academic degree authorization based on the guidance of relevant committees of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its major responsibilities include: proposing the academic disciplines and majors for graduate admission; organizing the application and adjustment of master and Ph.D. education base and postdoctoral research station; determining graduate programs and the selection of graduate advisors; approving the list of graduate thesis reviewers and members of the Thesis Defense Committee; examining the recommendation list of candidates for master's and doctorate degrees; proposing the recommendation list of candidates for honorary doctorate degree and outstanding graduate thesis; making suggestions on degree revocation issues; investigating and handling disputes and other issues arising in academic degree authorization.

The current seventh session of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee is composed of the following 9 experts.

Director: Zhou Yuanchun

Deputy Director: Niu Beifang

Members: Yang Xiaoyu, Wu Kaichao, Jin Zhong, Long Chun, Yu Jianjun, Shan Guihua, Ren Yongmao