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Research Data Alliance

Date: Jan 15, 2020

The Research Data Alliance (RDA, click here to link to the website) was launched as a community-driven initiative in 2013 by the European Commission, the United States Government's National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Australian Government’s Department of Innovation with the goal of building the social and technical infrastructure to enable open sharing and re-use of data.
RDA has a grass-roots, inclusive approach covering all data lifecycle stages, engaging data producers, users and stewards, addressing data exchange, processing, and storage. It has succeeded in creating the neutral social platform where international research data experts meet to exchange views and to agree on topics including social hurdles on data sharing, education and training challenges, data management plans and certification of data repositories, disciplinary and interdisciplinary interoperability, as well as technological aspects.

Experts of CNIC serve as co-chairs of two interest groups in RDA.

1. Data Fabric IG

Prof. Li Jianhui of CNIC serves as one of the co-chairs of this interest group, which concentrates on the data creation and consumption cycle as it happens daily in the scientific and industrial labs and on the identification of ways to make this work more efficiently and thus more cost-effective. Click here to link to the introduction of DFIG.

2. Repository Platforms for Research Data IG

Zhang Lili of CNIC serves as one of the co-chairs of this interest group, which aims to improve the usability and technical capabilities of repository platforms. Click here to link to the introduction of RPRDIG.