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Wang Runqiang
Professor-level Senior Engineer
Director of New Media Technology Department
  • Resume:
  • Graduated with bachelor degree from Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and master degree from Peking Union Medical College. He was engaged in scientific data and the research and development of its application system, and now is mainly engaged in the exploration and practice of science communication and science education in new media environment, having rich practical experience in the fields of popular science informatization, popular science in integrated media, popular science visualization and interactive exhibits, etc. Together with his team, he has created new media popular science and cultural communication brands such as Science Museum of China, Science Dayuan, SELF Forum, Science Cloud Classroom. He has been in charge of or participated in over 20 scientific communication and popular science informatization projects of national and ministerial level, published more than 10 theses, and had over 20 software copyrights.

  • Research Direction:
  • new media, science communication, popular science informatization, science education, film and television programs of popular science, etc.
  • Projects Undertook:
  • 1.Construction of informatization special science database and its application system of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    2.International cooperation project: research on the international data standard specification of natural gas hydrate

    3.Construction of informatization special networked science communication platform of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    4.Construction of informatization special scientific communication platform under the new media environment of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    5.Popular Science China popular science integration creation and communication project of China Association for Science and Technology

    6.Science and cultural support project of the Ministry of Science and Technology: development and product demonstration of visualization production and publishing system of popular science multimedia digital content

    7.Filming production of SCIO scientific documentary "Cyan Sea"

    7.Cultural education projects including Science Dayuan, SELF Forum, Science Cloud Classroom, etc.

  • Social Service:
  • Publication: