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The national standard "Data Paper Publication Metadata" led by the Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was officially released

Date: Sep 27, 2023

  Recently, the National Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China issued the "Announcement of National Standard of the People's Republic of China (Document No. 7 of 2023)" on the official website, and the "GB/T 42813-2023 Data Paper Publication Metadata", which was led by the Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences(referred to as the center), was formally released and implemented on August 6th, 2023. The standard is under the authority of TC486 (National Technical Committee for Standardization of Science and Technology Platforms), with the Ministry of Science and Technology as the governing unit.

  In addition, two national standards, GB/T 30523-2023 Science and technology resource core metadata and GB/T 42381.120-2023 Data Quality-Part 120: Master Data: Exchange of Characteristic Data : Traceability, developed by the center, were also officially released recently.



  "GB/T 42813-2023 Data Paper Publication Metadata" has specified the metadata for data paper publication from the perspective of data publishing and sharing, which is used to standardize data metadata in scientific data paper publication process. The standardized and normative requirements can provide guidance for clearly describing the metadata elements of scientific data publication, promote data publishing institutions to quickly publish data papers and associated data, and provide support for intellectual property management and protection of scientific data owners. It will be a guideline document for the practice of scientific data publication in China, and is of great significance for standardizing scientific data publication and promoting the construction of scientific data sharing ecology.

  For more information, please contact hupo@cnic.cn