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2024 New Year Greetings from GOSC IPO

Date: Dec 29, 2023

Dear friends,

As we stand at the threshold of 2024, we wish to express our sincerest thanks for your support to our Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) initiative throughout the dynamic year of 2023. The friendships we have forged with each of you are deeply cherished.

Throughout the year, GOSC IPO fulfilled its commitment to fostering science communication and capacity building within and beyond the GOSC community. Through over tens of internal working meetings, we dedicated to promote active communication and collaboration among diverse stakeholders behind the GOSC Steering Group, Working Groups, and Case Studies.

Our footprint has expanded regionally and internationally with the launch of the first GOSC SDG-13 workshop in Bangkok, the GOSC sessions at the 2023 International Data Week in Austria. The success of our flagship events, the 2023 International Symposium on Open Science Clouds (ISOSC) and the International Training Workshop on Open Science and SDGs held in Beijing, has also showcased GOSC's influence on a global scale. During 2023, we actively pursued sustainable collaboration between GOSC and IRDR, DDE, AIT on open science and SDGs research. Following the calls of UNESCO, these strategic partnerships continuously increase the visibility of GOSC and promote substantial implementation of our initiative.

In line with the spirit of open science, we proudly presented open-access publications this year. Among all of them, the Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) Annual Report 2022 outlines the significant achievements and milestones the GOSC Initiative has accomplished in 2022. "The Global Open Science Cloud: Vision and Initial Successes" further offers comprehensive insights into the current progress and future directions for the Initiative. Furthermore, the SDG-13 Meeting Briefing captures the essence of cross-disciplinary research and collaboration toward UN SDG-13 on climate change. We IPO also published a GOSC Flyer, offering a concise introduction to the general GOSC framework.

Excitingly, we are delighted to share with you that more activities from GOSC are coming in the new year! More regional workshops and meetings will be organized in diverse regions and countries, further strengthening our global ties. Regional nodes will be expanded, with special focus in the Global South to support open science and SDGs research and implementation. Our flagship events will continue to bring global stakeholders together, making GOSC more tangible and visible. As we wave goodbye to 2023, a year marked impressive progress for GOSC, we wish you a happy new year in advance and look forward to co-building a better open-science community together with you all. Cheers to a new year filled with possibilities!

Much love,