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Advanced Network Development Department makes new progress on proactive congestion control for hyper-speed networks

Date: Jan 24, 2024
The high-speed transmission of massive data is crucial for emerging services like large-scale artificial intelligence training. However, the conservative congestion control mechanism employed by the TCP protocol results in low transmission throughput. Moreover, hyper-speed network transmission faces performance bottlenecks due to the high overhead of terminals and shallow buffer capacity of switches.

Advanced Network Development Department has conducted research on a highly scalable proactive congestion control method for hyper-speed networks, called AdaptaCC. This method facilitates information exchange between terminals and switches using a minimal number of signal packets, while the switches calculate fair share rates and provide feedback to the terminals, without altering the data packet format. Experimental results demonstrate that AdaptaCC effectively and efficiently allocates bandwidth, ensuring fair allocation while maximizing utilization. Moreover, it exhibits the advantages of minimal processing overhead and high scalability, making it well-suited to meet the demanding requirements of ultra-high throughput transmission for emerging services.

The related research results have been published in the 25th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC 2023).

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