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PhD Program for International Students

Date: Dec 31, 2019

The PhD Program on computer science and technology is open to students at home and abroad. International students may take courses alongside their Chinese classmates at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and have opportunities to immerse themselves in the R&D projects at CNIC and experience the daily life and culture of China. Below are some graduate advisors accepting international students at CNIC,
1. computer network: XIE Gaogang (research interests)
2. parallel computing: JIN Zhong (research interests), ZHANG Jian (research interests), NIU Beifang (research interests)
3. database & distributed processing system : ZHOU Yuanchun (research interests)
4. artificial intelligence : YANG Xiaoyu (research interests)

For more information, students who are interested in the graduate program may contact Ms. HAN Wenjing via hanwenjing@cnic.cn.


PhD candidate Fayaz Ali Dharejo presented his research work at international conferences